We are the best manufacturers of high-quality rubber, plastic, and chemical compounding and kneading machines in the China region. Our primary product lines include the following high-performance machines.
1. Dispersion kneaders
2. Calendar products list
3. Intensive Banbury mixer
4. Rubber mixing mills
5. Sigmal mixers
6. Twin-screw rollers pelletizing extruder
7. Vulcanizing and curing press machine
8. Batch off machine products lists
9. Stock blenders for plastics and rubbers
10. Reclaimed rubber machinery and raw rubber cutter product list
We are focused on research and development, production, sales, and service of machinery. We take care of everything for our customers, from design and casting to processing, mechanical assembly, and setup. We are very compliant with the quality and inspection rules and regulations. We have a strict set of inspection rules which ensure that every project meets or exceeds the customers' expectations. We ensure that we meet the requirements of precision and performance.

We guarantee that you will never be able to find better quality rubber and plastic kneading machines at such economical prices as we offer in the market.



Simptek machinery is a China-based company.We were founded in 2002 and are backed up with considerable experience of more than 15 years


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