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September 14, 2020
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September 14, 2020

Intensive Rubber Banbury Mixer

High Quality Banbury Kneader Supplier

SIMPTEK Limited is a leading Banbury kneader supplier in China. We strive to offer its clients with cost-efficient and high-quality machines. We are aware of the fact that every retailer works with its own agenda and has distinct operations and functionalities. Hence, we offer personalized automated solutions at our online platform for trade and e-commerce industries. We sell various machines including rubber mixing mill, dispersion kneaders, skip bucket conveyor, lab extruder machine, rubber bale cutter, sigmal mixer, rubber vulcanizer and more. Visit our “Products” tab to know more about our offerings.

Banbury mixer or kneader, also known as the close mill, is primarily used for compounding or mixing plastics and rubber. A Banbury kneader is a machine which has a pair of specific shapes. Relative rotations are given, and the polymer material is kneaded and masticated in a confined form with adjustable pressure and temperature. It is primarily composed of rotor, mixing chamber, feeding and pressing device, and rotor sealing equipment, discharging tool, transmission and base.

Prominent Banbury Kneader Supplier in China

In China, the plastic and rubber dispersion kneader is named as” turnable type Banbury mixer” too. The reason is, the dispersion kneader liberates finished stock by turning over the mixing chamber, and it performs the similar function that of Banbury kneader or Banbury mixer. The working method of turnable Banbury mixer is quite similar to an ordinary Banbury mixer. Under the hummer’s pressure, the extrude, two rotors shear, and stir rubber (plastic) stuff at different rotational pace in the pressure-tight mixing chamber along with the process of mixing or plastication.

Why Choose Us as a Banbury kneader supplier?

We consistently improve our production methods and upgrade technology to give the best machine to our clients. All our products are certificated for CE Safety norms as well as the EMC test.

We have a dynamic environment that ensures maximum focus on distinct units to offer our clients productivity, proper assistance, top quality, industrial expertise, and experienced professionals. We combine skills with efforts and experience that help us to advance at a fast pace towards our corporate goal.

Feedback from customers is our key barometer. Client satisfaction is our satisfaction. If you need a quality Banbury kneader supplier, contact us.


The Rubber Machinery is designed with high precision,it is equipped with an automatic cooling system for maintaining stable ,feature high speed mixing and excellent performance

This industrial dispersion kneaders machine are mainly used for plasticizing,masticating and mixing batch production

It is ideal for natural rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber and plastics, foaming plastics etc.

These automatical dispersion mixer machine are suitable for a wide range of material, ranging from low viscosity adhesives to high viscosity rubber. Our intensive banbury mixer are applicable for rubber,chemical, EVA, TPR, rubber soles, sandles, rubber rollers, tires, sponges, inner tubes, rubber rings, rubber tubes, rubber belts, wheels, erasers, packings, oil seals, fitness equipment, balls, bottle plugs, shock absorbing rubber, steam hoses, soft PVC flooring, adhesive tapes, rubber magnets, pigments, inks, corks, electrical parts, and other automobiles and motorcycles.



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