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September 14, 2020
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Lab Rubber Kneader Machine With Water Cooling
September 14, 2020

Rubber Dispersion Kneader

*Automatic temperature and time control system ensure 100% mixing effect

* Quatlity rotor and mixing chamber ,made of alloy steel, which is chromim coated for supper anti-abrasion

*Easy dispersibility and uniformity,with 6~10 minutes for each batch of output

*Pressurized and sealed mixing chamber to ensure high mixing performance and prevent environmental pollution

*Tiltable mixing chamber and mechanical shaft sealing design

*Easy to clean chamber and change colors

*Hardened gear reducer, low noise.

*Suited for mixing of many plastics such as:EVA,PE,XPE,TPR,etc


Dispersion kneader machinery are specially designed for mixing and keanding raw materials to form uniform compound mixture ,to ensure uniform dispersion of compounds.


This rubber dispersion kneader, consist of pneumatic control system, electric control system, tilting mechanism, mixing chamber with rotary blades, main driving system, dust sealing device, thermal resistance, rotor and cooling/heating system.

The pressurized dispersion kneaders feature a large mixing capacity, high speed and excellent performance, this banbury mixer has has an automatic temperature and time control system,which can provide 100% mixing effect,it is a simplified operating process, labor savings, and stable product quality.

The mixing chamber consists of a rotor with brake, cycloidal gear reducer, TP type worm and worm gear, has actuate 140° dumping inclination around the front rotors for easy removal and changing of coloring ingredients.

These dispersion kneaders machinery are widely used in chemical, plastic and rubber industries .they are suitable for natural rubber, synthetic rubber, recycled rubber or plastic, and also applied for a variety of low viscosity adhesive and high viscosity polymers.



These rubber dispersion kneader machinery are suitable for rubber, Rubber sole, Rubber Roller, EVA,TPR,Hoses Belts, Sponges, Vibration Insulator, Elastic Cord, Sealing Materials, Tire, Tapes, Master Batches, Pigment Ink, Automobile Electric Rubber Parts, Chemical Industry Compounds.

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