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September 14, 2020
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September 14, 2020

Rubber Mixing Mill

Leading Rubber Mixing Mill Supplier in China

We are one of the leading suppliers of rubber mixing mill in China. We have been appreciated in the local market for our capability to give a wide range of top quality mixing mills also renowned as two roll mill with anti-friction spherical roller bearings. Our heavy-duty stands are bolted to the bed that provides vibration-free operation. Also, our worm wheel arrangements offer a precise roll gap. Our mills can be fixed on vibrio mounts that eliminate grouting foundation.

Rubber mixing mill or rubber processing machinery is the flagship product of SIMPTEK Limited. We offer rubber mixing mills with Anti friction spherical roller bearings that have built-in swivel action. We have specialized rubber grinder mill, rubber processing machinery, and different other rubber pieces of machinery that are produced in our factory in Guangdong, China.

We lead in the SME sector with continuous bulk orders from our valued customers. Our scope of rubber mixing mill supply includes single units as well as entire plants for various end products.

Top Rubber Mixing Mill Manufacturer

The expertise that gives us the competitive edge stems from several years of experience in modernizing second-hand machinery as per current standards. This expertise impacts the development of our rubber mixing mill. We use the technology that helps us in carrying out all welding and mechanical engineering at our production site. The same applies to the manufacturing and implementation of need-based electrical controls. Therefore, we are a single source for every process involved in making a high-quality rubber mixing mill.

With integrity and without compromise, we focus on delivering the finest and highest quality Chinese workmanship through our engineering as well as our service staff. We perform as a strong team along with high aspirations.

To live up to clients’ expectations and aspirations, SIMPTEK offers all-round sustainable solutions that are proven. We ensure the right and best rubber mixing mill at the right place and within time. Feedback from customers is our key barometer. Client satisfaction through testimonials is proof that we are truly on track. We continuously improve on all of our products through the latest requirements of the rubber industry.

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