Rubber Open Mixing Mill With PLC
September 14, 2020
Rubber Dispersion Kneader
September 14, 2020

Rubber Reclaimed Machine With Blender

* Motor&Electrical Components equiped with “SIEMENS” “MITSUBSHI” “CHINT”,etc.

* Roller is made of chilled cast iron with vanadium and titanum alloys

* Working surface Hardness can reach up to HS72±2

* Various speeds and speed ratios can be custom as customers’ formula and processing requirements.

* The frame, base, and gland are all of welding structure, and treated by annealing for stress relieving.

* Adopt hardened tooth-surface reducer of grade 6 precision, which has long service life and low noise.

* Perfect emergency stop device can ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

* Equipped with emergency device,provide safe and reliable emergency stop.

* Used to refine nature rubber ,mix raw rubber material and make rubber into sheet


Rubber mixing mill is used  for natural rubber plasticizing, raw rubber  and compound mixing ,it is applied for rubber heating-mixing,sheeting,breaking,plastifying and mixing,widely used  in rubber and plastic production factories,conveyor belt factory,reclaimed rubber factory and shoes factory,etc.

This open mixing mill consist of a seat ,frame,roller ,driving gear,lubricating device ,cooling and heating device ,adjusting device of roller nip,safety brake ,motor and reducer.

The roller of refined machine is polished , it is made of chilled cast iron, its surface is hard and wear-resisting and has drilling or hollow way to heat or cool.

Steam and cooling water can be inputted in the empty roller to adjust temperature of roller.

These two rollers rotate reversely with different speed, so that rubber materials are drawn into the gap of the two rollers for processing.

These two roller open mixing mills are ideal for grinding ,kneading and refining in the reclaimed rubber production process .

We stock and supply a variety of rubber mixing mill ,range from 4inch to 24inch ,they can be customized as per your needs .


Mainly used in rubber and plastic mixing.

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