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September 14, 2020
Rubber Kneader – Sigmal Mixer – Silicone Mixing Machine
September 14, 2020

Sigma Mixer – Rubber Kneader – Silicone Mixing Machine

Sigmal kneader mixer  is a kind of machinery equipment with pulverize,stir and dry function.

The kneader mixer consist of U trough bowl with two ‘Z’ shape blades which rotate in opposite direction for proper mixing of material

its double blender feature with strong shear ,extrude and stir. The mixer shaft and its inner cylinder are stainless steel material ,which is anti-corrosion and do no rust for ever.

This sigmal mixer is equipped with motor & gearbox ,which can be custom made according to your products .

Such sigmal kneader mixer is specially used to knead or mix ,pulveriz high viscosity materials,it is suitable for many applications like mixing, kneading, Grinding, dispersion, drying etc, it is widely uses for mixing polyester putty,silicone rubber, rubber solution, biscuit dough, sauce,cellulose and battery,ink,pigment,Paint, Polymers Plastic, Putties,dyestuff, polymers etc.


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