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September 14, 2020
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Rubber Machine

Quality Rubber Machine Supplier in China

SIMPTEK Limited is a leading rubber machine supplier in China. We strive to give our customers cost-effective and high-quality machines for their various applications. We know that each company works differently and runs with a distinct size of operations. Therefore, we offer personalized automated machines at our platform for trade and e-commerce industries.

We are a certified rubber machine supplier as per the international quality standard ISO 9001. Further, we are certified as per numerous customer-centric standards and requirements and have been seen by customers as a “Preferred Supplier” to many major global organizations. We adhere and comply with strict quality restrictions through our Quality Assurance department and designated systems. We remain dedicated to meet the requirements of our clients.

SIMPTEK Limited manufactures and supplies a range of machines including rubber kneaders, dispersion kneaders, calender machines, rubber mixing mill, Banbury kneaders, lab extruder machine, skip bucket conveyor, internal mixers, rubber bale cutter, sigmal mixer, rubber vulcanizer and more. Visit our “Products” tab to know more about our offerings.

Top Rubber Machine Supplier

SIMPTEK’s manufacturing steps regarding used rubber machine production are subject to continuous inspections. Entirely automated computer-controlled formulation and mixing ensure that we get the desired rubber performance.

We remain focused on production, sales, research and development, and machine servicing. We take care of our customers regarding used rubber machine specs, from design and casting to processing, mechanical assembly, and setup. We are compliant with the inspection and quality rules and regulations. We follow a strict set of quality inspection rules that ensure each project meets or exceeds the clients’ expectations. We make sure that we meet the needs of performance and precision.

Our vision with regards to our production facility is to provide our clients with machines that are worth appreciation because of its quality and structural expertise. As a reputed rubber machine company, we put efforts to establish commitment and customer loyalty by hiring experts who provide reliability and have a sense of passion regarding their work commitments.

We have a strong client support staff to resolve their queries on-time. So, if you need a quality used rubber machine supplier in China, contact us.


Product name :   Rubber Cutter/Rubber Bale Cutter/Rubber Cutting Machine    Meterial :    rubber and silicone meterial    Cutting width :    600mm to 700mm, can be custom    Cutting thickness :    10mm to 50mm, can be custom.    Stroke :    500mm, can be custom.    Pressure ton :    5 ton – 12 ton, can be custom.    Power motor :    2.2KW / 3.7KW / 5.5KW, can be custom    Machine color:     Blue or green, can be custom.     Machine weight :    600Kg –

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